International Prosecution & Defence


Members of Pavocat Chambers are routinely instructed to defend in corruption cases initiated in various jurisdictions and forums, from home to abroad.  Our barristers have, in particular, extensive expertise and experience in the defence of multilateral development bank (“MDB”) sanctions cases and we appear before the sanctions boards, committees and commissioners established by those MDBs to try sanctions cases.  In foreign jurisdictions, we are engaged variously to provide our advice, guidance and general expertise on how best to defend corruption cases.


Pavocat Chambers’ barristers prosecute as well as defend entities accused of having engaged in corrupt practices.  Members of Chambers have appeared in courts around the world, prosecuting on licence for States and international governmental organisations, as well as the MDBs.  As part of the Law Reform Services provided by members of Pavocat Chambers, our barristers design and implement for States new and vastly improved counter-corruption systems and architecture, and train those prosecutors who practise within those systems.  Often our barristers will be asked to stay behind and become embedded for a period in those new structures and to act as mentors, appearing with permission in courts to prosecute the most complex of a State’s corruption cases.