Counter-Corruption Investigations


Pavocat Chambers’ barristers are often called upon to lead and manage world-class, highly focused and proportionate corruption investigations.  Our barristers have the ability to bring together exemplary teams that can operate internationally and which contain acknowledged experts in relevant fields and disciplines (e.g., police and financial regulation services, international and national prosecutorial offices etc.).  The investigation teams led and managed by Pavocat Chambers’ barristers have the experience and ability to identify corruption and financial misconduct in all its forms, at any level and in any location in the world.

The investigations that our members are called upon to undertake are always conducted professionally, discreetly and reliably, and they range from determining the scope of a concern of corruption on the part of a corporation or company, through to undertaking full scale, complex internal corporate investigations.

We have particular expertise in stolen asset identification and multi-jurisdictional asset tracing, including incidents involving ransomware and crypto theft, as well as undertaking the inquiries necessary to facilitate the safe return of those assets.