Mission & Values



Our mission is to provide legal services of a consistently high standard, which in their application enhance adherence to the rule of law and by so doing contribute to (1) the defeat of corruption globally, and (2) to improve compliance with International Humanitarian Law, and to do so in a manner that brings credit to the legal profession.


We believe in:

  1. The rule of law;
  2. The need for good governance;
  3. Equality and diversity;
  4. Integrity and honesty in what we do;
  5. The protection of our environment;
  6. Transparency whilst at all times preserving client confidentiality; and
  7. Advocacy and its power to bring about lasting change.

Our beliefs shape and govern the way we work and how we treat our clients, and each other.  We are committed to:

  1. Innovation in the services that we provide;
  2. Independence in the advice we give;
  3. Courtesy and respect for others;
  4. Working collaboratively as part of a team; and
  5. Public service.