Protecting Whistleblowers


A key factor to lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding corrupt behaviour is the bravery shown by honest public officials, employees, consultants and others in blowing the whistle on those soliciting and paying bribes.  Our barristers appreciate the courage that it takes to step forward and to report misconduct, and they are committed to seeking to protect those who do.

As part of any integrity compliance programme (“ICP”) designed, advanced, implemented or monitored by us for a corporation, company or any other entity, we will routinely insist that the programme contains confidential reporting hotlines together with Codes of Conduct that make whistleblower retaliation a form of misconduct warranting dismissal.  Despite the existence of such protection, our members appreciate fully that fear of reprisal action often looms large in the minds of those who want to do the right thing and report their concerns. 

Those individuals who want to blow the whistle on corruption, but who are profoundly concerned about the consequences for doing so or those individuals who have had the courage to speak out and who have been adversely affected by doing so, should not hesitate to make contact with us.