Counter-Corruption Training


Members of Chambers are committed to providing high quality and above all else highly practical and effective counter-corruption training to police, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges operating within jurisdictions in which corruption is prevalent.  Due to their expertise and years of frontline experience, members of our set form the core of the teaching staff at the Counter-Corruption Academy and the national and regional Counter-Corruption Centres of Excellence operated around the world by Pavocat Academy Ltd.

Pavocat Chambers’ barristers can be engaged individually or collectively by States to design and deliver anywhere practical and bespoke counter-corruption courses that will assist public officials in their endeavours to bring the corrupt to justice.  If required, our barristers are prepared to become embedded in national prosecutorial offices and to advise and guide the prosecution of complex corruption cases and those cases that flow from it, such as covering the proceeds of crime.  Members of Chambers have appeared to prosecute in various jurisdictions at the request of States.

Our barristers can also be instructed to advise and train businesses on how to comply with domestic and international anti-bribery and corruption laws and show them how to navigate safely the national and regional counter-corruption architecture.  In doing so, our barristers give commercial confidence to businesses thinking about investing in what might otherwise be a challenging integrity environment.