De-Risking Investment & Funding


Members of Pavocat Chambers, as experts in countering corruption, fully recognise and appreciate the threat posed to companies and investors seeking to exploit legitimate business opportunities in States troubled by corruption.  It is for this reason that our barristers offer a Pre-Emptive Protection Service that is intended to shield corporate entities from the traditional risks associated with investing or doing business within States blighted by high levels of corruption.

At the core of the service is the ability of our barristers to act as trusted interlocutors between a State experiencing high levels of corruption and a client company, and to intercede on behalf of the client company to obtain binding assurances from the State – in advance of commencing business activity within that State – that the company will not be adversely affected by the actions of corrupt public officials.  This ‘shield’ operates to the mutual benefit of the State and the client company, because through its operation it ensures that those corrupt public officials soliciting and accepting bribes are dealt with appropriately by the State, whilst the client company, as the victim of their corrupt behaviour, is not prejudiced by the assistance that it has provided.