About Us



Pavocat Chambers is a specialist, modern, and dynamic set focusing on the twin challenges of: 

(1) Providing effective and enduring solutions to complex corruption problems faced by States, corporations and individuals around the world; and 

(2) Advancing compliance with international law in time of conflict and dealing subsequently with the consequences of its transgression.

The high-quality legal advice, guidance, and advocacy expected from our members covers the full spectrum of international corruption and IHL.  As expeditionary counsel operating around the world, we prevent harm, investigate, prosecute, defend, recover assets and provide university accredited training.  Our advice improves the integrity and effectiveness of criminal and military justice systems globally.


The barristers at Pavocat Chambers specialise in countering (1) corruption; and (2) contraventions of the laws of war globally.

Members handle the full range of legal complexities and problems that flow from corruption.  We describe ourselves as expeditionary counter-corruption counsel, because the work of our members is not passive and precautionary: it is dynamic and proactive.  Our members provide a sophisticated and truly comprehensive service for clients. 

Members also provide cutting-edge assistance and innovative protection to multinationals, companies and other entities wishing to do business in high-risk corruption areas or which have discovered, or suspect, that they have a current or historic problem involving corrupt and fraudulent practices.

We are committed to mitigating the effects of conflict globally by enhancing compliance, by innovative means, with international law, focussing on the Laws of Armed Conflict (“LOAC”) and International Human Rights Law (“IHRL”).

Members of Chambers work around the world and their clients include States, governments, ministries, international governmental and non-governmental organisations, international financial institutions, corporations, multinational companies, and individuals. 

Advice and guidance, oral and written advocacy in national and international forums, and high-level drafting is at the centre of all of the services provided by our barristers.


Members have extensive expertise across the full panoply of corruption and associated transnational criminal and administrative activity, and the laws applicable to international and non-international armed conflicts.  Their work includes, but is by no means limited to:

Countering Corruption

    • Defending multilateral development bank sanctions cases, such as those brought by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Asian Development Bank (AsDB), the World Bank Group, and others;
    • Defending in multi-jurisdictional law enforcement investigations;
    • Prosecuting and defending corruption and associated cases nationally and internationally;
    • Arbitrating or mediating corruption cases or acting as counsel in such proceedings;
    • The design and implementation of counter-corruption law reform programmes for states resulting in improved criminal justice systems and enhanced foreign direct investment; and
    • The provision globally of highly practical counter-corruption training in-country and elsewhere to police forces, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges.

International Humanitarian Law

    • Advice, guidance and advocacy on the resort to armed conflict (jus ad bellum) and the laws that apply during such conflict, whether international or non-international in nature;
    • The provision globally of gold-standard IHL and related training, accredited by Stellenbosch University, in-country and elsewhere, to the armed forces and gendarmeries of States, and to the personnel of international governmental organisations and those of private military companies (“PMCs”);
    • Innovative advice to companies operating within the Defence Sector on how to improve their reputations as responsible manufacturers and service providers, as well as how to do business in challenging integrity environments.
    • For our other IHL-related services, please visit our page on ‘Laws of War and IHL Services‘.


Prospective clients or their legal representatives are invited to contact Chambers on +44 (0)20 7129 1308 or use our Contact Form to discuss instructing a member of Pavocat Chambers or to obtain a quote for one of our barristers’ services. 

We will provide you with a quote as soon as possible and we always aim to set out quotes clearly.  We are more than happy to answer any questions concerning an invoice issued by us.


Please contact office@pavocatchambers.com to discuss fees.  Pavocat Chambers has a transparent and commercial approach to fees and we would be happy to discuss the most suitable fee structure for your case.  Typical fee structures, depending on the type of case and the work required, include hourly and daily rates, and fixed fees.